On our first visit

Our technicians will meticulously inspect your home. This includes all living areas, basements, and garages. We will search for any potential entry and exit points where pests could access your home and seal them.

Additionally, we will begin to create barriers inside and around your home to keep all pests away. This includes the following:

  • Search for and remove insect harborage areas
  • Remove webs outside of your structure (also remove any spiders or eggs we find)
  • Treat windows and doors
  • Treat 2 feet up and 6 feet out from your foundation
  • Treat eves and areas conducive to insect harborage and activity
  • Install rodent bait stations around your structure and each visit clean and re-bait stations
  • Treat your attic to prevent overwintering pests (winter application if accessible)
  • Caulk all entry points for the exclusion of pests and rodents (winter application)
  • If you opt in to our termite guarantee we will install our state-of-the-art TermaPest stations where needed to continually monitor your home for termites

Our second visit and going forward

Our technicians will return to inspect your home’s exterior and perform a comprehensive barrier and perimeter application to keep all pests away. When we return, our treatments will be more specific to your particular pest problem.

Our protocols will target ants, wasps, spiders, mice, beetles, boxelder bugs, crickets, ants, or any other pests you may be facing. As always, we will gladly come back in between service dates to address any issues you may have at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

During each follow up visit, we will:

  • Inspect your home’s exterior and enhance your perimeter’s barrier
  • Remove any spider webs and eggs
  • Treat and seal all possible pest entry points to your home
  • Check and refill rodent bait stations as needed
  • Check TermaPest stations for activity and bait as necessary
  • Inspect attic and retreat annually
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(719) 650-0246