If you never realized that there are termites in Colorado, you’re not alone. Because we live at a high altitude and in a dry climate, many people, including builders, assume that termites are a non­issue in our region. Yet, the reality is most parts of Colorado are located in a zone where the potential for damage from termites is possible. It is a growing problem in Colorado urban areas.

Colorado has three main types of termites, but the most common is the Eastern Subterranean Termite. As the name suggests, termite colonies are formed underground. The worker termites leave the nest to feed on wood, stored books, and other materials. Termites gain access to your home or other structure through direct wood to soil contact. Soil contact with another material such as hollow masonry can also provide an entry point.


Termite detection

Termites are often confused with carpenter ants so it’s important to have a professional inspection in order to accurately detect the presence of termites. However, here are a few signs to look for:

  • Small, soft­bodied winged insects in the spring or fall
  • 1/4 to 1/2″ mud tubes from the soil and along foundations, wood supports, or masonry
  • Wood compacted with a hard earthen substance

Termite treatment

If you do find evidence of a termite presence, DO NOT DISTURB them. Your best course of action is to contact us for an inspection. We will confirm the presence of termites and the type. Each type of termite requires a different management tactic.

The good news is, termite colonies build slowly. We will assess the entire situation, close up entry points, and dispose of the current infestation. Additionally, we’ll offer up a plan of action to prevent future infestations.

Removing termites colonies and preventing a return requires treatment from experienced, knowledgable and reliable professionals. Chaney Pest Elimination has the experience and knowledge to do the best job.

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Chaney will strive to set the highest standards in the pest control industry. In doing so we will meet and maintain strict standards, including the following:

  • All technicians and salespeople must become certified and licensed by passing a Colorado state-administered exam.

  • Each employee must pass a criminal background check.

  • We maintain a drug-free workplace and strict work policies.

  • We exceed state-mandated minimum liability insurance coverage.

  • Motor vehicle record checks are conducted for each employee.
  • We exceed industry standards for identifiable, clean, and safe company vehicles.

  • All of our employees wear uniforms and provide photo IDs for customers.

  • Continuing education is conducted to keep up with new, safe pest control alternative solutions.

  • We only follow open, accepted business practices.

  • We ensure that all audits follow industry certification requirements.


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